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How 13 Instagram Icons Grew Their Followings to Massive Levels

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Name: Melanie Garcia

Handle: @hamlet_the_piggy

The Instagram community is a community, and I feel like, the more you interact with the community, people and followers see that. Be a part of the community, make it organic and have fun with it, is really my philosophy. I don’t do something specific to promote, but it’s just about engaging every day.


I try to do events so that we can go and actually meet these people and that comment and love Hamlet, so that we can put a name to the face. We’ve done some Instagram get-togethers, like a pool party where Hamlet and I were in a fashion show that donated the proceeds to no-kill shelters. We’ve done office visits at different magazines. So we’ve gotten to meet fun people in different ways whether it’s, “Hey, come visit us and make our employees smile,” or we just will plan our own meet-and-greets at a park or at a restaurant.


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