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Seven Professions for Individuals Who Love Managing Money

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Everybody just loves money and going against the status quo is a rare feat, isn’t that right? When was the last time you got your paycheck and thought to yourself “Meh… I don’t want this”?

But remember, wanting money and knowing how to handle money are worlds apart! Knowing how to handle money as part of the job requirements requires patience, a strong will, and most of all, integrity. Most probably the money you handle does not belong to you, hence someone is trusting you with it.

Here at knownledgehubng.com, we understand the importance of money handling because, in a sense, it impacts every job in the world. If you love handling money, here are some of the jobs that you can find on careers page that will suit your love:


An auditor performs many of the same tasks as an accountant, but they also have different responsibilities. On the surface, the main difference is that an auditor is responsible for reviewing the work of the accountant. Are you that detailed with money?

 Credit Manager

A credit manager develops and implements all necessary procedures and guidelines to ensure that the company’s credit policy is effectively followed; all while monitoring customer accounts and payments. A credit manager is a mid-level job that requires excellent communication and negotiation skills.

 Financial Analyst

A financial analyst might not handle money directly, but they can greatly influence where the money goes. They provide accurate data-based information on company’s profitability, solvency, stability and liquidity – and offer suggestions and solutions based on that information.


Depending on the exact industry you are in (I.e. retail, pharmaceuticals, information technology, etc.), you may or may not be handling money physically. However, sales is all about the bottom line. Working in this field means that you always have to think about money and how to bring in more of it for the company and for your own commission.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of money handling? If the answer is “Accountants”, then we’re on the same page! By keeping and inspecting financial accounts, the core of an accountant’s job is to handle money and understand the ins and outs of cash flows. Luckily, every company needs someone to handle their accounts and an account exists in every field and industry!


A broker’s job, in a nutshell, is to buy and sell assets for clients. A stockbroker can be an individual or a company. Discussions with clients on what shares to buy or sell are the core of the job in order to get them the best return on their money. Does this sound exciting to you?


The teller is a bank employee who deals directly with customers. Other names could include “cashier” or “customer representative”, but the job description is the same; handling money. This job does not normally require higher education or extensive experience, as most banks provide on-the-job training.

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